The best caterer for your corporate event!



With many successful business events already under our belt, we have corporate expertise and a wide range of cost-effective solutions for all of your requirements.

We are honoured to participate in our clients' milestone celebrations and take this responsibility seriously. We have become true partners for many businesses, and we hope to do the same for you, beginning with a very successful first event!

We are a one-stop-shop caterer in Sydney for all of your events, catering, drinks (beer, wine, spirits, soft drinks and ready to drink cocktails). We do a simple drop off and set up at yours, or stay and serve and replenish.


We specialise in delicious buffets, BBQs, and cocktail food for groups ranging from 20 to many more people. So, if you require budget assistance, you can talk to our Busfood team to start your holiday event planning.


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