Picnics are sorted with Busfood

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There’s something special about a good picnic. Some of my fondest childhood memories involve picnics – taking a basket of food and a blanket to the zoo, stopping at a gorgeous beach, or going to an idyllic park on a spring afternoon.


You don’t need much to make a great day out of one. But I’ll admit… To make sure you have the best picnic, you do need good picnic food everyone will love!


Busfood has your picnic food sorted from that bold red wine, to your freshly baked lasagna, Busfood has it - and made fresh to order.


Did we also mention Busfood picnic boxes can be tailored to your budget and food choices?

Save your time going to the shops deciding on what food to bring because Busfood will deliver your personalised picnic boxes to your door.



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